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Fremantle Foundation Grants 

We love local giving and look to support organisations big and small that are making a real difference in our community. We are always looking for great projects that show great leadership. Fremantle Foundation makes grants to support a wide range of initiatives in the areas of:
  • community development
  • health
  • education
  • social services
  • arts and culture
  • the environment


For all grant opportunities listed below recipients will need to hold:

  • Charitable Status
  • Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) 1 Status

OPTION 1:  Named Funds

The Fremantle Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit community foundation whose central role is to encourage philanthropic giving. We provide specialist fund management and grant making expertise to individuals, families and groups and wanting to contribute to causes they care about.

Our grants (with the exception of Impact100 Fremantle) are by invitation only.

Please complete this Expression of Interest form to tell us more about your organisation and if any grants become available that are aligned with your organisation we will be in touch.

If you have been invited to apply for a Named Fund grant, please complete the following Named Fund Grant Application Form.


OPTION 2: Impact100 Fremantle 

Each year over 100 local donors contribute $1000 or more to create a $100,000 game-changing grant for one local community organisation.  The Impact100 Fremantle grant is directed at the Federal Seat of Fremantle.

  In 2020, Impact100 Fremantle is inviting organisations and projects that work within any of the following focus areas to apply.
  1. Arts & Culture – initiatives that cultivate, develop, and enhance the cultural and artistic climate in Fremantle.
  2. Education – initiatives that provide learning opportunities or improve access to education for children and/or adults in Fremantle.
  3. Environment – initiatives that restore, preserve, revitalise or enhance the natural or recreational surroundings of Fremantle.
  4. Health & Wellness – initiatives that positively impact the mental and/or physical well-being of people in Fremantle.
  5. Family & Community – initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children, families and communities in Fremantle.

Please CLICK HERE to download the EOI Application Form for Impact100 Fremantle 2020.

  Please note the deadline for EOI Applications is Sunday 31st May at 5pm.  

Grant Reporting

The Fremantle Foundation requires grant recipients report back to donors about their projects. This helps us build a relationship between you and the donor and to evaluate our giving.

If you have any questions about completing the following forms or require assistance, please contact Brooke Aslett.



We’d love to hear an update on the progress of your project.

Please complete the Grant Project Update Form to notify your donor/s of your progress, achievements and upcoming milestones.



We require each organisation to complete a Grant Report Form at the end of the financial year.

Organisations that fail to provide reports may not be considered for future funding. Click here to complete the EOFY Grant Report Form.


Get in Touch

If you are interested in applying for any grant with the Fremantle Foundation, now or in the future, please contact us.