Impact100 Fremantle Site Visits 2015

We are now up to the important site visit stage of Impact 100 Fremantle for 2015.

Site visits start next Tuesday 8th September. See the full schedule below.

This is your chance to “step outside your everyday” and get a first hand look at our shortlisted applicants.

You will learn more about your community and meet the amazing people who do the heavy lifting for us all.

We’d love to see you there. If you’re able to come to any or all of the site visits please RSVP by clicking on the links below.

Site visit #1 – GenWHY?
10am-11am Tuesday 8th September
Ferns House 60-62 Pakenham Street, Fremantle
Click here to RSVP

Site Visit #2 – Lifting Horizons/Night Hoops
10am-11am Thursday 10th September
Cockburn Basketball Association Starling Street, Hamilton Hill
Click here to RSVP

Site Visit #3 – Befriend
10am-11am Tuesday 15th September
Reception area – St Catherine’s College 2 Park Road, Crawley
Click here to RSVP

Site Visit #4 – InclusionWA
10am-11am Thursday 17th September
Fremantle/Hilton PCYC 34 Paget Street, Hilton
Click here to RSVP

Site visit #5 – Growing Change/Fremantle Social Farm
10-11am Tuesday 22nd September
Gordon Dedman Reserve/North Fremantle Bowling Club Thompson Road, North Fremantle
Click here to RSVP

The full applications of our shortlisted organisations are now to review. Please follow this link to the shared Dropbox folder to download all files – Impact100 Fremantle Full Applications.

If you would like more information about Impact100 Fremantle or became a donor and join the Impact100 community please click HERE.

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Fremantle Business Awards 2015


We were thrilled to be awarded a commendation award for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Fremantle Business Awards in June.

Our Executive Officer Dylan Smith was also the winner of the Fremantle Business Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement.

Congratulations to all the other finalists and winners of the night. Click HERE to view the full list.

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Circulate Programme at PCYC

Today we bring you a lovely update from our Circulate Programme at PCYC.

You might have seen these talented students performing at our Fremantle Ball 2015!

Every Tuesday 15 kids train with Circus WA at PCYC. Circus WA have been able to bring on a second trainer, Aiden Bayliss, to work with the kids. Two unicylcles have been repaired and one of the students is so into it, his parents are buying him a unicycle for his birthday.

The three students in the scholarship programme, Lily, Chris and Moana, are staying on and two new students, Camilla and Tiger, will be introduced to Circus WA this term.

The group were given 36 FREE tickets to Cirque de Soleil show Totem for Thursday 30th July 2015. And some of the Cirque de Soleil performers will come to the PCYC and deliver a free workshop to the students!

As Lee Burns, the Trainer Liason Officer for Circus WA, said “All this couldn’t have happened if we didn’t have the ongoing funds to keep turning up every week, so thanks again to your fundraising efforts, we really appreciate it!”. The Circulate Programme is made possible by the Merenda Fund and Yogi Vibes. Their support makes these incredible opportunities possible.

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6 applications shortlisted for Impact100 Fremantle 2015

At the end of June a group of Impact100 Fremantle donors met to assess a list of insightful applications for the 2015 Primary Grant of up to $100,000 to break down barriers to opportunity and participation for disadvantaged people in the greater Fremantle community.

After a series of fantastic discussions 6 of these worthy proposals were successfully shortlisted.

Below is a brief summary of the impressive local organisations that have been invited to make a full submission.

Impact100 Fremantle Shortlisted Applications – 2015

Lifting Horizons, in partnership with Fremantle PCYC – The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project
The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project aims to engage at-risk, or disengaged young people, aged 12-18, and offer them safe and constructive activities on a Saturday night. The project will run over 48 weeks supporting the successful StreetBall youth engagement program at PCYC for 24 weeks and establish four Night Hoops youth engagement tournaments over another 24 weeks. There is additional opportunity for at least five young people from the program to compete in an international tournament in Singapore and to take part in a cultural exchange at United World College. The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project involves the very tangible success of keeping young people off the street and out of trouble, along with the more intangible successes of positively impacting their lives and helping to build cohesion in the Fremantle community.

Growing Change – Fremantle Social Farm
Fremantle Social Farm is an initiative of Growing Change Australia Ltd. It is a micro-farming venture that utilises unused land, connects with vulnerable individuals and fosters group therapeutic care through horticultural programming. The grant will allow Growing Change to provide 100 horticultural scholarships for 100 vulnerable people in Fremantle over a two-year period. After the 12 week introduction, graduates have the opportunity to lease farm land and maintain a private or shared plot, and continue harvesting produce which Growing Change sells to existing customer networks. The revenue from produce sales is shared amongst the participants, allowing them to receive a modest income as well as reinvest in further developments on their micro-farm business. The project will deliver a sustainable community-based model to recovery, facilitate a coordinated approach to achieving social impact, and provide person-centred support for long-term solutions to mental illness, homelessness and social isolation in Fremantle.

Ruah – Spirit of Fremantle Photography Walking Tours
The Spirit of Fremantle project builds on the concept of a walking photography group initiated by Ruah staff and clients in Fremantle this year. It will expand this activity into the community and provide an opportunity for all Fremantle residents, artists, visitors to participate side by side with Ruah staff and clients. It fits with Ruah’s core mission of working in partnership with our clients and responding to grassroots initiatives. This project will enable Ruah to initiate enterprising models that support employment pathways for disadvantaged people into areas such as local tourism; or to generate new business ideas in partnership with the local business and tourism sector such as a ‘raw’ guided walking tour; using audio or a phone app. By promoting positive stories and valued roles of disadvantaged people in Fremantle, this project has the potential to change the way people view disadvantage, address stigma and build a more socially inclusive and cohesive community.

Inclusion WA – Freo-Connect Sport and Recreation Program
The concept for the Freo-Connect Sport and Recreation Program has been developed by Inclusion WA to address community concern surrounding high rates of crime; disengagement of local youth; and increasing rates of substance abuse; anti-social behaviour and truancy. The program aims to improve the ability of local groups to cater for community members who are having difficulties across various parts of their lives. Inclusion WA train and mentor sporting clubs, recreational groups and individuals to assist the engagement or reengagement of those who are currently isolated. The program aims to be inclusive – to connect people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with existing local groups – by closing the physical and social distances separating people and with this it aims to bring everyone together and promote a friendly, welcoming Fremantle community.

GenWHY? Support Group Inc.
GenWHY Support Group Inc. aim to deliver transformational and heavily endorsed psychologist led support groups for adults with mental illness in Fremantle. GenWHY seeks to provide a forum for over 25’s who are experiencing mental illness, supported by a psychologist, encouraging peer support in a safe environment without judgement or stigma. The service is available to those of any gender, race, culture or socio-economic status who experience anxiety and depression. Currently GenWHY support those who have a mental health barrier to participation by offering support groups that are held fortnightly and aim to provide weekly support groups on a long term and ongoing basis ideally across Fremantle, Melville and Cockburn as there is already sufficient interest, and need, to warrant a number of groups in these areas. The service bridges a critical gap in the mental health services sector, offering an early intervention model and community-based care.

Befriend Inc. – Befriend Fremantle Social Connector Project
The Befriend Social Network is an existing Perth-based network of social inclusion that creates opportunities for individuals to form new connections, whilst simultaneously influencing a broader cultural change around the inclusion of all individuals as valued, participating members of the community. The network empowers people at risk of social exclusion, including people with a disability, people with mental illness, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, to enhance their social and community participation through regular, localised small-scale social activities. We propose to use the Befriend Social Network as a platform from which to develop and implement the Befriend Fremantle Social Connector Project, to build the capacity of the Network to increase participation in community life for people at risk of social exclusion in the Fremantle area, and enhance the inclusive community spirit in Fremantle. The events of the network enable marginalised, socially excluded individuals to participate in everyday community activities, meet new people and form genuine connections through sharing meaningful social experiences with others.

We’re looking forward to learning more about these 6 great organisations and their projects through the site visits and the full application process. If you would like to join the Impact 100 Fremantle team and become a donor click HERE.

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Wow! We’ve got Kav!

We are excited to announce Eskimo Joe frontman and Fremantle music icon Kav Temperley will perform a very special guest DJ Set at the Fremantle Ball 2015. As one of Freo’s most successful artists Kav will lead a great night of entertainment including Special Guest Peter Bell (Patron Fremantle Foundation), Circus WA, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, magician James Diamond and an incredible once-off Live Auction, exciting Silent Auction and much more!

Let Kav get you moving at the Fremantle Ball – Friday 31st July. All donations raised from the Fremantle Ball will go towards the Fremantle Foundation Fund for Children and Young People. Book your “We Love Freo” table HERE.

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Janet Holmes a Court inspires at professional advisers lunch

The Fremantle Foundation was pleased to host business and philanthropic icon Janet Holmes a Court at a special lunch event last Wednesday, 18th of February.
Guests from the professional advisers industry learnt more about the Fremantle Foundation and were treated to great food and wine from Lamont’s Wine Store in Cottesloe.  Janet spoke passionately about her involvement in philanthropy and told some great stories from her incredible life.
IMG_2722 IMG_2721 IMG_2685 IMG_2684 IMG_2682

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Australia Day recognition for the Fremantle Foundation


The growing contribution of the Fremantle Foundation was recognised yesterday at the Australia Day awards presented at the Esplanade Reserve by the City of Fremantle.

The Fremantle based organisation received the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award in the “Community Group or Event” category for the popular Impact100 Fremantle campaign.

The Fremantle Foundation draws attention and support to important local issues such as homelessness and mental wellbeing. By inspiring locals to donate to issues close to home the Fremantle Foundation is helping to build a growing culture of philanthropy.

Raising $230,000 for local community organisations in the past two years, Impact100 Fremantle invites donors to get together to give back. With contributions of $1000 each donors become part of the decision-making process and ultimately vote to decide the winning recipient of $100,000.

Last years major grant for mental wellbeing and homelessness went to FORM for their project at 100 Hampton Rd a lodging house for 192 residents.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt paid tribute to the success of Impact100 Fremantle.

“Impact100 Fremantle gives people the chance to play a personal role in making a difference in Fremantle. With a donation people are able to join a group of people intent on making Fremantle an even better place.”

In a ceremony that welcomed 88 of Australia’s newest residents, local woman Jamie Van Egmond was awarded the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award in the “Outstanding Individual” category for her volunteer work supporting sustainable living in Fremantle.

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