About the Fremantle Foundation

Why the Fremantle Foundation?

We exist to create a thriving community through local giving. We address critical community needs by providing inspiring ways for people to give. And we provide ongoing support and advice so your donation has maximum social impact.


Our Story

Since 2010 the Fremantle Foundation, through the generosity of donors, has built up unique expertise in community philanthropy. And as the only community foundation in WA north of Denmark we are increasingly being asked to support people and communities outside of Fremantle with their giving. The culture of giving and the impact it’s having in Fremantle is being noticed.

So we have started to work at the request of locals in regional WA and other metropolitan areas of Perth. They want to support their community in the same way Fremantle locals support theirs. This is an opportunity for us grow our impact and take this little Fremantle idea elsewhere. Working beyond Fremantle is helping to grow our network and supporters. We are now having an even greater impact. And supporting philanthropy and social impact beyond Fremantle is ultimately growing giving in WA.

Not for the first or last time, it’s a chance for a Fremantle idea to grow elsewhere. As we grow, we have a greater capacity to support the important issues facing our community in Fremantle, Perth and across WA.


Informed Giving Means Effective Philanthropy

The Fremantle Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit community foundation whose central role is to encourage philanthropic giving. We provide specialist fund management and grant making expertise to individuals, families and groups and wanting to contribute to causes they care about.


Get Involved In Giving

As a community foundation, we make it easy for you to get involved in giving and to get connected with the causes you care about.



We understand the impact that informed philanthropy can have on good causes and organisations.Philanthropic generosity has a powerful role to play in ensuring your community is a great places to live, work and grow up.


Tax Effective

Tax effective giving through the Fremantle Foundation ensures your generosity has maximum impact for the communities and causes you care about with the minimum administrative burden. You can help shape your communities present and future through:

  • A Permanent Endowment

We are working to build a permanent endowment to meet the existing and emerging needs of our community. With thoughtful and informed decision-making, the interest from the endowment can achieve positive, long-term, sustainable change.
  • Simple, Effective Philanthropy

Giving through the Fremantle Foundation is a simple and effective way to support the communities and causes that important to you.
  • Informed Giving

Effective philanthropy depends on informed giving. Regardless of the amount you give, you can make a significant impact when you’re familiar with the issues and you know which organisations and initiatives can effect lasting positive change. We believe that your generosity and our expertise are a powerful combination.

Whilst Fremantle is the natural focus of our attention, donors can support any community or organisation in WA through the Fremantle Foundation.