5 organisations shortlisted for $100,000 Impact100 Fremantle grant

Recently a group of Impact100 Fremantle donors met in Freo’s West End to assess a list of inspiring applications for the 2014 Primary Grant of up to $100,000 to address Homelessness and Mental Wellbeing.
After a series of fantastic discussions 5 of these worthy proposals were successfully shortlisted.  See below a brief summary of the impressive local organisations that have been invited to make a full submission.

Site Visits – an inspiring opportunity

Now that we have our 5 shortlisted applications we will soon invite donors to visit each of the organisations.For many people the site visits were the highlight of Impact100 Fremantle last year.

The site visits are a chance for us to step outside our normal world and get a close look at 5 local organisations and the inspiring work they do.

Being part of Impact100 Fremantle is a rare opportunity to get a first hand look at the issues and challenges facing our local community.

To find out how to join Impact100 Fremantle contact Dylan Smith on 0410 202 610 or find our more here.

Impact100 Fremantle Shortlisted Applications – 2014


DADAA will partner senior Fremantle artists with clients of local hostels, care facilities and emergency accommodation to explore creative solutions for providing shelter for homeless people. The project will engage participants at iconic Fremantle locations, build valuable skills and empower people who are homeless to create their own solutions for shelter and provide links to vital future support. www.dadaa.org.au

FORM – 100 Hampton Road

The 100 Hampton Road project aims to build personal and community wellbeing through cooking classes and communal eating onsite at the local lodging house by installing a commercial kitchen. 100 Hampton Road provides supportive accommodation to some of the most underprivileged people in our community. Many residents have mental health issues, substance abuse problems and are living isolated lives with limited social connections. form.org.au

Fremantle Mulitcultural Centre (FMC) – Our David Park

FMC is a highly respected Fremantle organisation woking in the identified ‘hot spot’ of David Park in Beaconsfield. Our Davis Park seeks to address systemic, long term disadvantage by bringing together a number of organisations and delivering important community building activities at this specific location. Our Davis Park is supported by the South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum (Partnership Forum), a group of organisations working collectively together in the community.  http://www.fmcwa.com.au

South Lake Ottey Family & Neighbourhood Centre – Noongar Ranges

Noongar Rangers is an educational and life-skills program, providing strong beginnings and cultural pride for Noongar children, aged 6-12 years. Noogar Ranges programs have previously led to significant increase in school attendance.The successful program has clear preventative strategies and supports alleviation of social isolation for children and their families. www.facebook.com/OtteyCentre

St. Patricks Community Support Centre (St. Pats) – The Fremantle Community Hub

The Fremantle Community Hub will be a ground breaking project that will support the most vulnerable in our community, particularly those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by bringing services together, in the one place, for the first time. This will ensure service users are able to readily gain access to what they need to support them on their journey to independence and quality of life. This project is supported by the Partnership Forum.  www.stpats.com.au