Impact100 Fremantle 2020 Shortlist

Impact100 Fremantle 2020 Shortlist

We’re excited to announce this year’s shortlist for Impact100 Fremantle:

Australian Dental Health Foundation

Homelessness is considered as a lack of safe or permanent housing, however it is one of the deepest manifestations of social exclusion and poverty.  While there is a significant body of evidence around the poor health outcomes of people experiencing homelessness, there has been less focus on the issue of oral health, which impacts the physical health and mental wellbeing of our clients, and their overall ability to present for job interviews or find stable housing.  In recent times, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented a myriad of challenges in being able to provide care to our patients.  Research from the WA Alliance to End Homelessness has shown that Aboriginal people and homelessness are disproportionately affected by the impacts of COVID-19 on their ability to access healthcare in a timely manner. 

Australian Dental Health Foundation in WA is unique because we are the only state that runs a permanent oral health clinic in addition to the traditional Dental Rescue Days held in private dental surgeries.  Our clinic is run in partnership with St Patrick’s Community Support Centre in Fremantle and is situated in their building on 12 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle.  In the past year, we have provided around $142,560 of pro bono dental treatment to around 162 homeless patients, through the help of volunteer dentists and our partner dental laboratories.

Our mandate is to address the growing need for oral health care for the homeless.  We see the potential for dental treatment to actually be the first step in restoring confidence and giving people the ability to move forward positively with their lives.  Our mission is to offer this service to more members of the community and measure the impact of this programme through a research collaboration with the UWA School of Population Health.  This would ensure it’s continued sustainability with the ability to potentially replicate this model to other centres.

The Australian Dental Health Foundation currently has access to a fully functional dental clinic in St. Patrick’s Community Centre but without the appropriate resources, this clinic sits idle at the Community Centre for over 60% of the time. ADHF currently relies heavily on volunteer dental staff, volunteer nursing staff, and inexperienced students in-training, which represents a lack of utilisation of the initial resources, as our ability to treat the number of patients both qualitatively and quantitatively is affected adversely. By employing a part-time trained Dental nurse/clinic manager (3-4 days), this would overcome our current utilisation issues in a number of key areas:

  • Increasing the number of full clinic days (from 1.5 to more)
  • Increasing the number of consumables donated, engaging with more stakeholders in this area.
  • Collecting and improving the triage of patients into our care
  • Managing the complex dental care needs with dental laboratories providing free dental work 
  • Materials ordering; to ensure there is no lack when patients present to the clinic
  • Providing oversight for occupational health and safety practices
  • Training Dental Nursing Students
  • Liaising with UWA as part of a cohort study into the OH care provision of this disadvantaged group; this research would be critical in trying to replicate this clinic into other models both in regional and remote areas or across the country.

Autism West – Let’s Get Volunteering Locally

Autism West (AW) is an established West Australian not for profit organisation. Our organisation is led, managed, and operated by a dedicated team, of whom over 50% are autistic or a parent/partner of an autistic person. Our mission is to provide opportunities and services for autistic people that identify, develop, and demonstrate their strengths and abilities so that they have equity of opportunity to actively participate in and contribute to society.

Through the Let’s Get Volunteering Locally project, Autism West would like to develop a supported volunteering framework for individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions with City of Fremantle. We envisage the framework would provide a powerful model to other local governments and businesses to apply in their organisations. It will provide resources adapt workplaces and processes to support neurodiverse volunteers in a large organisation with a customer focus. The areas identified would relate to Fremantle Library and the Recycling Centre with the department’s Parks and Gardens and tourist services to be confirmed.

The volunteering framework for individuals with autism would produce a model via a pilot that would deliver resources to apply to other businesses and local governments. It would enable the organisation to examine its existing operational framework for unintentional barriers or opportunities for individuals.

It would provide materials for training both the peer workforce and supervisors and it would also provide evidence via real-life experiences of the efficacy of the framework in improving the lives of those engaged. There would be opportunities to track transition to employment for neurodiverse individuals engaged in volunteering which is not readily available.

Autism West sees diversity through a different lens where being different is so normal it becomes unremarkable. To do this, both the autistic community and the wider community need to be empowered to look at what barriers face those who are diverse. By educating both stakeholders, greater autonomy in accommodating diversity for the wider society is achieved. Similarly educating autistic individuals on what autism is and how it relates them personally empowers individuals to negotiate with host organisations proactively and in a strengths-based approach. This will increase individuals’ self-determination and improve their performances in securing employment.

Connected By Inc

At Connected By we recognise that in the course of any career people are faced with things that change their lives. In frontline professions, those things and changes can be greater than ever expected. After facing trauma tragedy or loss there is an increased risk of social isolation and loneliness that can contribute to and compound things like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. At Connected By we use passion and purpose to create a net to catch those who have, or are at risk of falling through the cracks. We open our doors to those who care and serve and protect, those who give of themselves above and beyond the ordinary, we open our doors to people just like you and me to find new and creative ways to move forward as part of a community.

Connected By has been established to support current and ex-serving ADF personnel, first responders, and the general public. We’ve established a safe, inviting, and inspiring workshop in the old Wool Standards building at Leighton Beach, North Fremantle. We offer courses that are adjuncts to rehabilitation programs for current and ex-service personnel and first responders, and we provide all of our clients the opportunity for meaningful engagement and psychosocial interaction. Connected By is building a stronger community one wooden surfboard at a time. At Connected By we share the love of surfing with the joy of woodworking. We take sustainably-grown Paulownia wood grown in GinGin and teach people how to transform the timber into the most beautiful hollow wooden surfboards. The boards are first and foremost functional, built for the purpose of surfing, but they are also incredibly beautiful, crafted from pieces of timber into a truly one of a kind work of art.

Connected By is a game-changer, we share change through creative and challenging tasks to achieve outcomes above and beyond the ordinary. We share and affirm the ability to create beautiful functional objects to those who may have lost their sense of worth and purpose, to individuals that have left an occupational organisation or community without a sense of belonging, to those seeking pathways to transition after trauma, tragedy, or loss.

Outcomes of the program:

  • A greater sense of self-belief and self-worth.
  • A sense of pride in accomplishment.
  • Re-socialisation and community integration.
  • Work preparedness, task diversification scheduling skills.
  • Greater mental wellbeing and coping skills.
  • A beautiful surfboard to be used, gifted, treasured.
  • Suicide prevention.
  • Friendship.

FremantleMind Inc.

FremantleMind Inc. is focussed on changing the way mental health is viewed and treated in a community setting. We are responsive to the mental health and wellbeing needs of the Fremantle community, providing services that are unavailable or otherwise inaccessible to the community. We fill gaps in existing community mental health systems by creating an accepting space for community members to access evidence-based community mental health and wellbeing services delivered by registered mental health professionals and individuals with lived experience.

Currently, MyLocalMind Inc. oversees FremantleMind Inc., delivering free evidence-based community mental health programs in the Fremantle area, demonstrating measurable improvements in current mental health issues, prevention of further mental distress and aiding community connection and support. FM fills a significant gap in the market, offering activities that are supported by qualified mental health professionals such as mindfulness, yoga, drumbeat, art therapy, life-skills, group fitness, and wellbeing talks, that are open to all Fremantle community members. Importantly we have mechanisms in place that will allow us to transpose this successful model to other local areas under the MyLocalMind Inc. umbrella.

FremantleMind Inc. aims to expand and increase capacity and sustainability for the delivery of our evidence-based community mental health programs in the Fremantle area. Current offerings include mindfulness, yoga, art therapy, drumbeat, wellness skills, and fitness.

Already demonstrating measurable success, over the following two-year period, we will increase both the number of programs and the number of participants. Additionally, we will expand networks, partnerships, and organisational capacity, something we note is essential for long term sustainability.

The target group is people in the Fremantle area experiencing mental health issues, as well as the wider community. Our programs are available to everyone in the community as a way of building stronger community connections: an essential element of mental health and recovery. Programs for specific diagnoses can lead to the diagnosis and treatment leaving people feeling isolated and cut off from their greater community, rather than the connection required for healing and health. People do not need to disclose mental health diagnoses in the groups, and this can help limit stigma and shame. In Australia, 20% of individuals currently have diagnosed mental illness and 50% will have a diagnosed mental illness during their lifetime. We seek to not only reduce mental health issues but prevent the onset and reduce severity through our programs.

Inclusion Solutions

The Youth-Mantle Project is an initiative that will directly impact students aged 15 – 18 years old to become active citizens and empower them to drive socially inclusive ideas within the City of Fremantle. The Youth-Mantle Project will target pupils and the broader school environment to (1) take part in educational workshops on social inclusion best practice and evidence-based frameworks targeted at students and staff and (2) inspire and mobilise students to develop and implement great ideas in creating a more inclusive school and/or community.

Working closely with selected high schools and other local organisations, this project will tackle the effects of social isolation within marginalised cohorts, which has been exacerbated due to COVID-19. The targeted marginalised cohorts are immigrants, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQIA+ community to name a few. We will provide needed education to staff and students in the education sector on the importance and impact of social inclusion and inspire youth to be active participants within their community. Support will be provided to students whose selected ideas will impact the Fremantle community through seed funding. This will provide the opportunity to give the youth and their great ideas a voice.

The first phase will involve the recruitment of five high schools from the greater Fremantle area. The schools will be selected through a short EOI process to ensure they are in support of social inclusion and are focused on creating a more inclusive school environment. Once schools are selected, Inclusion Solutions will co-host a Social Inclusion for Youth Workshop for each selected school. This will see Inclusion Solutions deliver a 3-hour evidence-based, interactive, and educational workshop. This will focus on the importance, impact and necessity of social inclusion on society and what roles schools (students, teachers, and parents) play within the community to promote this. This workshop will use Open Space Technology to assist students in generating key ideas as well as how to implement those ideas.

The second phase will see students who have participated in the workshops to submit their ideas. The ideas to be implemented must:

  • Be an initiative, program or event that will better connect their local community; or
  • Create more inclusive opportunities within their school

Once ideas have been submitted, Inclusion Solutions, a representative from the relevant high school and interested donors from Impact 100 Fremantle will form a selection panel to identify one great idea from each school against the following criteria:

  • Achievability
  • Sustainability
  • Impact

The winners will receive up to $1000 (per school) and the support of Inclusion Solutions to implement their ideas within the school/community over the 12 – 18 months that follow. This will include a presentation/awards evening to award the selected students with the seed funding, provide exposure/promotions of the ideas, and provide donors with the opportunity to hear students outline their ideas moving forward, allowing students to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

Phase three will see the students, the schools, Inclusion Solutions, and other relevant stakeholders implement ideas utilising the money. This will include updates from students, quarterly reviews, and case studies developed by Inclusion Solutions.

A report will be included on the impact of the Social Inclusion for Youth workshops, with feedback from students and staff, and the impact on the community as a result of the ideas implemented by students.

On My Feet

On My Feet was founded in Fremantle, WA in 2014 based on the principle that running can change your life. We provided vulnerable Australians with the opportunity to develop and grow through running, whilst connecting them with employment opportunities. In 2019, On My Feet undertook a pivot to better harness the power of self-development, education, and exercise in solving homelessness. We established our now flagship Footsteps Program – an Australian leading 6-month self- development course for selected participants which provided weekly educational workshops and weekly training sessions to ultimately transition participants to self-sufficiency. By 2022, we aim to create $120 million in annual community savings, by getting 200 homeless people off the street and self-sufficient.

Our focus is on:

  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Family & Community

Through our programs, we provide education, self-development, and exercise opportunities to create self-sufficiency for homeless and vulnerable Australians.

Through the Impact100 Fremantle Grant On My Feet’s will establish an inaugural Fremantle Footsteps Program that will aim to create self-sufficiency for at least 30 vulnerable Australians by 2022.

Additionally, we aim to positively impact and support over 200 homeless in the Fremantle area through our new and existing Walking & Exercise Groups. Through the delivery of these programs, local volunteers of On My Feet will contribute over 45,000 hours of service. Through the partnerships detailed below, our programs in Fremantle will engage hundreds of local high school students in our service offering and fundraising/awareness initiatives, work with local businesses and individuals to deliver education, self-development and training opportunities, leverage the skills and resources of the University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) Health Science & Business schools and create local employment opportunities through new Fremantle focused employment partners.

The grant will allow On My Feet to reach more people in need than we ever have before and create self-sufficiency for more vulnerable Australians. A grant of this amount would be transformational in allowing the organisation to both sustain its current services and increase the capacity and reach of these services to even more areas in need.

Currently, the Walking and Exercise groups are held in Fremantle and Northbridge, and the Footsteps Program is held within the Perth CBD. Most importantly, a $100,000 grant will allow our flagship Footsteps Program to launch within Fremantle itself, where the organisation first began. To support our Footsteps Program, the grant will allow us to expand our reach by establishing an additional Walking Group and launch an Exercise Group in the Fremantle area.

In addition, the grant will also be able to provide:

  • New technology and equipment to provide new opportunities to stay connected and deliver the Footsteps Program
  • On My Feet’s first staff paid staff member, focused on developing income-generating activities to continue the sustainability of the organisation.
  • New equipment for the walking and exercise groups.
  • Equipment and uniforms for volunteers running walking and exercise groups.

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