Impact100 Fremantle’s 2019 Shortlist

We’re excited to announce this year’s shortlist for Impact100 Fremantle is:

Australian Dental Health Foundation

While there is a significant body of evidence around the poor health outcomes of people experiencing homelessness, there has been less focus on the issue of oral health, which impacts physical health and mental wellbeing of our clients, and their overall ability to present for job interviews or find stable housing. In the past year, Australian Dental Health Foundation has provided around $142,560 of pro bono dental treatment to 162 homeless patients, through the help of volunteer dentists and our partner dental laboratories.

The Australian Dental Health Foundation currently has access to a fully functional dental clinic in St. Patrick’s Community Centre but without the appropriate resources, this clinic sits idle at the Community Centre for over 60% of the time. ADHF currently rely heavily on volunteer dental staff, volunteer nursing staff and inexperienced students in-training, which represents a lack of utilisation of the initial resources, as our ability to treat the number of patients both qualitatively and quantitatively is affected adversely. By employing a part-time trained Dental nurse/clinic manager (3-4 days), this would overcome our current utilisation issues in a number of key areas:

  • Increasing the number of full clinic days (from 1.5 to more)
  • Increasing the number of consumables donated, engaging with more stakeholders in this area.
  • Collecting and improving the triage of patients into our care
  • Managing the complex dental care needs with dental laboratories providing free dental work 
  • Materials ordering; to ensure there is no lack when patients present to the clinic
  • Providing oversight for occupational health and safety practices

Black Swan Health – Freo Street Doctor

Freo Street Doctor is a mobile General Practice providing primary healthcare and mental health support to those people most at need and vulnerable in our community. Primary health care services are provided by General Practitioners, supported by Registered Nurses and Outreach Worker/Counsellors. The team ensures physical health and medical care is provided, as well as counselling and linking patients with complementary social services needed to support the complex social needs of our clients.

Freo Street Doctor service receives no government funding from 1 July 2019. Black Swan Health is committed to the ongoing delivery of the valuable Freo Street Doctor service. For 94% of our clients, Freo Street Doctor is their principal source of health care. Without Freo Street Doctor many of these people will be unable to access physical and mental health care.

Freo Street Doctor clients include the homeless or those at risk of homelessness; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; people experiencing financial disadvantage; youth; people with diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health illness.

Our clients experience many barriers to accessing healthcare and do not easily engage with mainstream services. Freo Street Doctor removes those barriers by delivering services:

  • at no client cost
  • from safe, easily accessible locations
  • that are culturally safe and appropriate
  • by non-judgemental and experienced staff, respectful of all people
  • with no appointment required • at the same time and location each week
  • that link with complementary services to support their complex and co-existing needs

This funding will support Freo Street Doctor to continue to deliver our essential healthcare service for 12 months; and ensure continued access of free, quality, essential primary healthcare and mental health support for those most at need and vulnerable in the community whilst embedding our sustainability strategy; including the number of weekly clinics where possible. 

Earbus Foundation

Earbus currently runs mobile ear health clinics in rural WA offering full primary health care to Aboriginal and at-risk children in schools, daycares, kindergartens and playgroups by providing ear screeners, GPs or Nurse Practitioners, Audiologists and ENT specialists in educational settings so families do not have to wait for referral or treatment.

This three-year project will establish a metropolitan program to deliver ear health screening, surveillance and treatment pathways for Aboriginal and at educational risk children in the Cities of Fremantle, East Fremantle, Cockburn and Melville. Children involved in this project include Aboriginal and at-educational risk children from 0 to 12 years old attending a daycare or primary school in the Fremantle and surrounding areas.

Funding will be used to customise a fit-out of a vehicle to be used as a mobile children’s hearing clinic and employ clinicians. The mobile clinic will visit sites to screen children’s ears and identify those who need treatment and further referral to the locally based ENT clinic. This Healthy Ears project works in partnership with local stakeholders such as elders, Goodstart, Meerilinga, schools and Aboriginal Health Team – Ear Program.

The key objectives are the reduction in middle ear disease and high attendance rates. Specific measurable outcomes are to:

  • reduce chronic ear disease to below the WHO benchmark of 4% within 24 months
  • reduce hearing loss rates by more than 50% within 24 months
  • reduce referral rates for surgical intervention due to otitis media of Aboriginal and at-risk children by 50% or more by the end of a three-year program
  • and to achieve Surgery List attendance rates of 90% or higher.

Fremantle Mind Inc.

FremantleMind Inc. (FM)  is unique because it gives everyone living in Greater Fremantle (both those with and without mental illness) the opportunity to access free evidence-based community mental health and wellbeing services delivered by registered mental health providers.

Our goal is to improve the mental health, wellbeing, and resilience of the Greater Fremantle community. We want to achieve that goal by providing a range of free evidence-based wellbeing services to people who are mentally healthy and wish to remain well; people who are mentally unwell and wish to improve their mental health; and people who are not being adequately serviced by existing mental health services.

We will utilise this grant to:

  • expand the frequency of our current suite of activities in order to expand our current consumer reach and hence broaden our positive impact on the community (estimated servicing of 13,000 further Fremantle residents)
  • develop our brand identity (thus filling a gap in service provision) where registered mental health practitioners provide accessible and free wellbeing services
  • improve the quality and reliability of the data we collect to evaluate our service, its reach, and our impact
  • develop an alternative funding stream to reduce our reliance on irregular grants and achieve financial sustainability.

Inclusion Solutions

The WayFairer Project is an initiative that will impact on the health and wellbeing of our community by revolutionising how communities view and place value on older/mature age adults. The WayFairer Project will target residents of the Fremantle region over 50 years of age, and connect them to community organisations based on their skills, passions and interests. Working closely with the Local Government authorities, this project will counter the effects of social isolation and create growth and purpose with community organisations.

With your support, the WayFairer Project will happen in three phases over 2 years:

The first phase will involve the recruitment of adults aged 50+ (the WayFairers) from the greater Fremantle area. The selected adults aged 50+ (WayFairers) will have their work knowledge, experiences, skills, interests and attributes mapped and captured using purpose-built software called ‘Relay Together’.

The second phase will see Inclusion Solutions conduct an analysis which will map out the “gaps” within community groups, sporting clubs, not-for-profits, and other community organisations in and around the Fremantle area. Strategic questions will be asked to these community organisations to identify their current trends, deficits, and over-all needs. Through the Gap Analysis, Inclusion Solutions will identify which roles are needed and what type of support will be required by community organisations. After the knowledge mapping of WayFairers and the Gap Analysis of community organisations, the third phase will commence.

Phase three will see Inclusion Solutions match and personally support the WayFairers with a community organisation that fits their skills, interests, and knowledge. This will allow WayFairers to give their time and talents in a meaningful way to community organisations that have specific needs for these skills.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre turns 40 in 2021 and we are applying to the Impact100 Fremantle to support greater access and enjoyment of Puppetry over the next three years for all with a focus on young people and their families.

There are four key aspects that will contribute to this funding request: 

  • Employment of a part-time Education & Public Engagement Officer to oversee the implementation of an engagement program over the next three years that will encourage families to explore, experience and engage and deepen the impact of arts and culture on young lives.
  • The reinvigoration of the existing foyer space to deliver improved education and public engagement offerings.
  • The purchase and installation of a specialised sound system that enables regular audio described shows, for guest who are visually impaired or blind and improved enjoyment of live performance for hearing impaired via adjustable audio through a personal listening device.
  • Auslan interpretation services at least one performance for each season over the next three years.

St Patrick’s Community Support Centre

Safe, affordable housing is critical to everyone’s health and wellbeing. A secure home means you can get a good night’s sleep, buy healthy food and not have it go to waste, and build social connections in your neighbourhood. For people on low incomes, the private rental market is difficult. Many households are paying 50% or more of their income on rent. At the same time, the average wait time for public housing is projected to increase from 93 weeks in 2018-19 to 120 weeks in 2019-20.

In 2020, to address the need for affordable homes, St Pats wants to build some tiny houses – compact homes on wheels that are suitable for singles, couples or small families. Commercially built tiny houses sell for around $50,000. Working with the Fremantle Men’s Community Shed, and our supporters in the Fremantle community, we are confident that we will be able to deliver at least two, and possibly as many as four tiny homes. We will also leverage our supporter network to find places to park our tiny homes.

Tiny homes have fired the imaginations of many individuals. However, we have been unable to find any community service provider using tiny homes to provide affordable housing at scale. A critical part of this project will, therefore, be conducting a robust ‘lessons learned’ process through the project. This will culminate in a Tiny House Guide Book that will identify the critical components for successful deployment of tiny houses by community services providers.

Impact100 Fremantle will, therefore, see two streams of return on their investment: with a potential useful life of 20 years, each tiny home will deliver more than 7,000 nights of affordable accommodation; and, the Tiny House Project Guide will give other service providers a head-start on delivering great tiny house projects.

Walyalup Kannajil

Funds are being sought to continue and develop the Walyalup Kannajil Community Choir (WKCC), an inclusive community singing group based in Fremantle with a central focus on learning about local Whadjuck Noongar culture, history and language through song. Facilitated by talented singer/song-writer Kobi Morrison (2018 NAIDOC Youth of the Year) from Aboriginal-led choir Madjitil Moorna – and joined regularly by special guest Aboriginal musicians and Elders – participants learn a range of songs about Aboriginal culture & history, sung in Noongar language & English – compositions written by Aboriginal musicians.

Funding is being sought for a 3-year period commencing May 2020 to April 2023. Specific project activity includes:

  • 4 x 8-week terms (2-hours per week/ session) per year, facilitated by Kobi Morrison and with 4 special guest Aboriginal Elders and musicians per term
  • 2 x 1-day skills development workshops per year, each with a particular focus e.g. harmonies, choral performance, vocal techniques, song-writing etc, facilitated by Aboriginal specialists
  • Mentoring of 2 x young adult Aboriginal music facilitators, 1 x 8-week term each per year, by Kobi Morrison & Jemma King
  • Big Sing-In, 1 x large singing gathering of members from WKCC, MM and other Fremantle-based choirs, led by Kobi Morrison
  • Development of internal capacity to deliver and manage performances, and
  • Development of long-term fund-raising strategy.

The weekly sessions and workshops are open to community members of Fremantle and surrounds, of all cultural backgrounds, ages and abilities, including people of Aboriginal and CALD backgrounds, people with disability, youth and seniors.

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