The Kai Eardley Fund Trunk Up to Break the Man Code

Suicide is now the biggest killer of men aged between 19 and 45.  In 2016, suicide accounted for over one-third of deaths among people 15-24 years of age, and over a quarter of deaths among those 25-34 years of age (ABS. 2017).

Claire Eardley, who lost her son Kai to suicide in 2017 hopes to reduce this number.  Kai’s brothers Cam and Joey along with their teammates Em and Em are entering the Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday, 24 February to raise funds for the Kai Eardley Fund and have set themselves a goal of raising $12,000.

Cam and Joey say that while the “strenuous training and taxing swim is a lot to put your body” it’s “nothing compared to what my brother experienced, and what thousands of other individuals go through daily. In hindsight it’s the least we could do”.

Dom Foster is swimming solo to also raise funds for the Kai Eardley Fund. Dom said “it wasn’t until it happened to somebody I knew that the immense reality of the situation hit Home. Suicide IS the leading cause of death amongst young men”.

The Kai Eardley Fund, established through the Fremantle Foundation, allows the Eardley family, to effectively give back to the local community and to be involved in how the funds raised are disbursed.  Their mission is to create a positive change for the mental health of the youth of today.

Fifty dollars will pay for one boy to attend the Tomorrow Man program and enable emotional intelligence and ensure meaningful change. The program allows the youth to have unfiltered dialogue about how their lives are going and what they want to make of it.

To donate to The Kai Eardley Fund team go to or Dom Foster’s solo swim

Below: The Kai Eardley Fund team – Joey, Em, Em & Cam